Master backlinking to improve SEO ranking

Master backlinking to improve SEO ranking

Master backlinking to improve SEO ranking


“Link” is the “bridge” in the online world, linking the relationship between each website and page. Because of this, in SEO Link Building (website link optimization) is a key indicator that affects website weight and website ranking .

This article will introduce backlinks , in-depth understanding of the establishment of backlinks and analysis, as well as backlink query tools, effectively improve the quality of the website, increase the efficiency of SEO ranking improvement!


What is a backlink? 反向連結

A backlink is a link created by website A to point to website B. For website B, this link is called a “backlink”.

So what are internal links and external links ? Both types of links are based on “own site”. The establishment of links within the site and points to other pages on the site are “internal links”; the establishment of links within the site and points to pages on different sites are “external links.”


The impact of backlinks on SEO

The impact of backlinks on SEO (learn more from SEO 公司) mainly focuses on the following two points:

Site weight

The so-called website weight is the “authority value” of a website in search engines. The higher the weight, the higher the evaluation of the website by the search engine. If other ” related content ” websites have established links on their pages to point to your website, it means that the website endorses you and approves your website.

And when your website receives more endorsements, it means that your website has more credibility, and the weight of the website will gradually increase. If it is recognized by search engines, it will be easier to improve the ranking.

Site relevance

If you receive backlinks that are irrelevant to your website content, search engines will suspect that you are operating ” black hat SEO .” In order to increase the weight and ranking of websites, many website owners use bulk purchase links to create backlinks on spam sites or content farms. This violates Google’s original intention for backlinks: focus on user experience, through The way of endorsement and recommendation allows users to see more and better content.

Therefore, the relevance of the website content that establishes backlinks has a very important influence on your own website.


Understand the Link Profile and judge the quality of the reverse link

Link Profile is the link profile and profile. In addition to relevance, Google’s conditions for judging the quality of reverse links mainly include:

  1. Link depth, the deeper and higher the link in the site structure, the more effective it is. Like the homepage of the website, Footer, etc.
  2. Site weight created by backlinks
  3. Anchor text (Anchor Text) semantic
  4. Link the semantics of surrounding text
  5. The freshness of backlinks, the more recently established links are, the more effective

In order to avoid getting backlinks from bad websites, it is necessary to carefully check the source of backlinks to maintain the quality of the website.


Backlink query tool

Open Site Explorer-Moz

“Open Site Explorer” is a link query tool provided by the well-known SEO company Moz . It is divided into free and paid versions. The paid version provides more in-depth data, such as links from social platforms. The above picture shows the free version of Open Site Explorer. In addition to the data overview, you can also download link reports and query the source of backlinks . The interface is simple and clear.


Site Explorer-Ahrefs

“Site Explorer” is an SEO website analysis tool provided by Ahrefs, a well-known SEO company alongside Moz . This tool is a paid version. Compared with Moz’s Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs’ Site Explorer lists the source of backlinks, the real-time status of backlinks, and the quality and data analysis of backlinks in more detail. Even link errors can be seen at a glance . It is a feature Powerful reverse link query tool.



“Links” play a very important role in SEO. Whether it is internal links, external links, and the most relevant “backlinks” that affect the weight of the site, they all need to be understood in depth and are effective without violating Google’s specifications. Establish and optimize the connection properly and improve the layout.

Please remember that the number of backlinks does not have to be large, but the quality of each link must be good in order to maintain the quality of the website, effectively increase the weight and ranking of the website, and truly enhance the long-term benefits of SEO!


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